CEC wants to streamline communication and cooperation with political parties in the segment of transparency of political funding

  • 25.11.2021
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The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) held a seminar for political party treasurers entitled: “Methodological recommendations on determining and reflecting on spending to promote and encourage women and youth in political and electoral processes. Fundraising. "The event was co-organized with the International Republican Institute and with the support of the United States Agency for International Development, with the participation of representatives of the Court of Auditors.

During the seminar, participants were trained in determining and reflecting on spending to promote and encourage the participation of women and young people in political life.

Present at the event, Angelica Caraman, President of the CEC, welcomed the opening of political parties to participate in this seminar, noting the importance of involving all electoral actors to ensure transparency and fairness of political funding in our country. "A strong and dynamic democracy requires a healthy political life. Proper regulation and enforcement of political party funding and the election campaign are essential for improving the transparency of the process and fighting corruption, ensuring equal opportunities through the equitable allocation of financial resources to political parties, promoting internal democracy within parties, the principle of competitiveness between them, as well as ensuring effective monitoring ", mentioned the President of the CEC.

The topics discussed at the seminar were related to the determination and reflection of expenditures, but also to allocations intended exclusively to promote and encourage the participation of women and young people in elections and to report on funding sources and expenditures incurred.

The Vice President of the CEC Pavel Postica, present at the meeting, mentioned that the implementation of the above-mentioned objectives can only be achieved through the involvement and consolidated activity of all stakeholders - electoral bodies, public authorities with control functions, political parties, civil society, mass-media, etc. both in the election period and in the election period.

As the CEC is responsible for collecting and systematizing the financial reports of political parties, audit reports of political parties, and reports on the financing of election campaigns submitted by electoral contestants, seminar participants were informed that the electoral authority would continue to develop new effective public monitoring mechanisms, as well as mechanisms of evaluation of the observance of the normative framework by the subjects involved in the financing of the political parties and of the electoral campaigns.