Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova

Accreditation of international observers


Accreditation of international observer

For the accreditation of international observers shall be submitted the following documents:


a) official letter from the institution which requests the accreditation;

b) NGOs shall submit the copy of the charter/statute, as well as the copy of the certificate of registration under the competent body;

c) accreditation form for the international observer. The form shall be completed by each candidate;

d) the copy of the valid passport of the foreign citizen (travel document).


RegulaTION on status of observers and their accreditation procedure


Guideline for observer


Please send the form, accompanied by the official letter, copies of the passports of the persons to be accredited by 17 of February 2019 at:

119, Alecsandri str., MD 2012, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova;

e-mail: info@cec.md; corneliu.pasat@cec.md;

fax: + 373 22 234 047.


International organizations, foreign government and non-governmental organizations may submit the accreditation request only upon receipt of the invitation from the CEC or through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration at the request of the Central Electoral Commission.


Observers can be:

- national, citizens of the Republic of Moldova – representatives of qualified public associations from the Republic of Moldova or representatives of the electoral candidates, accredited by the electoral bodies under the conditions set in the Electoral Code; 

- international – representatives of international organizations, governments of foreign states and non-governmental organizations from aboard, as well as international experts in the electoral area, accredited by the Central Electoral Commission.


The representatives of international organizations, foreign countries’ governments and non-governmental organizations from abroad may register at the Central Electoral Commission, if needed, interpreters, who will assist the accredited international observers during the period of their activity.