For the first time, CEC published information materials in several languages of ethnic minorities for the voter information campaign

  • 12.10.2023
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To inform voters about the general local election of November 5, 2023, the Central Electoral Commission has developed and published several information materials in five languages of ethnic minorities: Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz, Bulgarian and Romani.

The "Voter's Guide to the General Local Election of November 5, 2023" and the information leaflet contain information about this autumn's election. Voters can find out who they will be electing, who the main actors of the election process are, who can and cannot participate in the vote, which documents they can use to vote, what the voting procedure is, how to proceed if they notice a violation, and so on.

The guide and the leaflets are available in all the above-mentioned languages on CEC's official website under "General Local Election 2023" or directly from the links and

Due to CEC's partnership with the INFONET Alliance, the "Voter's Guide to the General Local Election of November 5, 2023" was also developed in sound version and in the sign language. These materials can also be found on the website given above.

The information materials developed by CEC are distributed to voters throughout the country by mobile teams and constituency electoral commissions.